Romanic Relationships in Video Games, the Good, the Bad, and the David Cage Gumshoe's Gamer Podcast! Season 2, ep2 (ft Artful Dodge)

Time for the next podcast! Today we get to talk dirty and get on a big tangent about Life is Strange with special guest, Artful Dodge!!! Oh yeah, BIG “viewer decision is advised” here because we do talk about doing the do. More accurately, whether or not its ok to have these scenes in video games or if it’s better to leave them out of our games.

Hope you all enjoy…

Thanks to Dodge for being on the podcast! Make sure to check out his Twitch as he streams there like every other day, and Twitter if you use that.

Meta Madness!!! How the Meta of Overwatch has Evolved Gumshoe's Gamer Podcast: Season 2 - Ep1 (Ft. Quab)

Hey everyone, time to start doing these again! This is the start of season 2 of the PODCAST! It’s time to reminisce about 2017 and talk about E-sports some more with special guest, Quab!

Hope you all enjoy…

Thanks to Quab for being on the podcast! Make sure to follow him on his Twitter or watch his stream over on Twitch!