Everyone Will Remember This: The Legacy of TellTale Gumshoe's Gamer Podcast S2-ep9 (Ft. Artful_Dodge)

TellTale was a very inserting company who put out some fantastic hits like Walking Dead,  Wolf Among Us, and Batman. But sadly the studio has closed down and lots of talented game devs have lost their jobs. So today on the podcast we are gonna look back on what made TellTale’s games so great and why people might have gotten a bit burnt out over them. So grab a controller, click on stuff, pick choices, and remember to remember this, as my guest Artful Dodge and I go over why TellTale was so great and the future of narrative games.

Hope you all enjoy…

Thanks to Dodge for being on the podcast! Make sure to check out his Twitch as he streams there like every other day, and Twitter if you use that.

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