Gay Games and Loving Relationships, LGBTQ+ in Video Games. Gumshoe's Gamer Podcast S2-ep6 (Ft. Okurii)

Yes I know I am late to this topic as pride month has ended when this gets uploaded, BUT whatever! LGBTQ+ representation is a bit of a “hot button topic” but it is an important one. As video games become more narrative-driven and complex with characters who have deep backstories and such. There is a need to have some LGBTQ+ characters. Not just for having a character the community can relate to, but to also increase potential sales, (or just have the game talked about more online). But not all these characters are created equal, and while some are great others leave a lot to be desired. So in this episode, we will explore the medium of video games and look at both bad and good representations of LGBTQ+. 

Hope you all enjoy…

Thanks to Okurii for being on this podcast! Make sure to check out his YouTube and Twitter! He’s a cool D00D 😀

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